How This Works

We are five Sonoma County therapists who have enjoyed collaboration and consultation with one another for many years. For this blog we explore personal experience, our work as counselors, and the world at large.

Barbara Young

About Barbara Young

(707) 318-3839
810 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg CA

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I embark on the healing journey with groups, couples, and individuals, helping develop skills that promote deep understanding of oneself and tools that create healthy, satisfying relationships. I see myself as a guide of sorts. I carry a combination of schooling, professional expertise, and personal experience. Sometimes guidance can be about resources and education, but mostly guidance is about listening, re-imagining, and practical problem-solving. I see the therapy office as a sanctuary–a place to work on healing.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#46044). I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Meridian University, in Petaluma, which focuses on Imaginal Psychology. I was also certified as a Batterers’ Intervention Specialist in the state of California. I have worked as a social worker and counselor for over 17 years. I offered counseling services in Windsor for 6 years and recently moved my practice to Healdsburg. Additional expertise of study include couples counseling, anger management, trauma recovery, attachment theory, eco-psychology, and mindfulness meditation.

I am a therapist because I believe that healing is possible. I also believe that healthy nourishing relationships provide support and structure that we humans need to inquire deeply within and make the changes we seek.


Jen Westcott

About Jen Westcott

(707) 206-8618
100 E Street, Suite 319, Santa Rosa

Jennifer Westcott, MA, MFT, PPSC, Lic. #50362, received her psychotherapy training at Sonoma State University. She has over 16 years experience as a counselor working with everyone from adolescents to the elderly. She brings her education, diverse career background, and life experiences to her work with her clients.

A northern California resident for most of her life, she graduated from a Sonoma County high school, completed her Bachelor of Arts from UC Davis and earned two Master’s of Arts degrees from Sonoma State University. She was a School Counselor for close to ten years and then returned to school to complete her training and licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist. During her training she worked at a Feminist counseling agency and as a Therapeutic Case Manager in the eldercare field.

Jennifer’s work is grounded in developmental and attachment psychology and pulls from Object-Relations, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Narrative and Jungian theories. Jennifer specializes in Walk & Talk therapy, anxiety and stress reduction, mindfulness, relationship issues, empowerment, family dynamics and codependency. Jennifer lives and has a private practice in Santa Rosa.


Kitu Jhawar

About Kitu Jhawar

(707) 776-6513
5 Keller Street, Suite D, Petaluma

I believe everyone has the capacity to heal and grow. By taking a collaborative stance in therapy, I am able to help support positive and long lasting change. I offer a variety of methods to clients who are interested in exploring and resolving internal conflicts and overcoming challenges that prevent them from realizing their full potential. My goal is to provide a safe, genuine place to help you or your child gain and sustain a strong sense of self and good relationships by creating an environment that is free of criticism and expectation.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC #51399) and received my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. I currently have a private practice in Petaluma and also provide therapy as a School Based Mental Health Clinician in Santa Rosa City Schools through Social Advocates for Youth. It is my strong belief that all people should have access to mental health services, no matter what their income or cultural background.


Alicia Wolf

About Alicia Wolf

(707) 479-5164
100 E Street, Santa Rosa

I offer myself as an uncritical witness to my clients’ lives, so that they can access all of the parts within themselves that are needed for change. Having someone truly witness your life can mean the difference between just feeling bogged down and stuck, and actually experiencing growth and seeing change take place in your life.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 18 years of experience, I have worked with adults, teens, families and couples who are struggling to find their voices and meet the needs in their lives. I completed a Masters in Counseling from Sonoma State University (license # MFC46242), and have particular experience working with anxiety and depression, men’s issues, addictions of various kinds, co-dependency and co-dependent relationships, as well as with pre-teen/ teenagers and their families.

I believe that all of us benefit from having a supportive community, and that support becomes critical when life’s challenges get bigger. I offer therapy as one piece of that supportive community.


Kim Buksa

About Kim Buksa

(707) 847-5677
5 Keller St, Petaluma

I see therapy as an avenue to reconnect meaningfully with the self, and I see myself as a guide to accompany you in that process. I specialize in work with children and adolescents, building a comfortable connection and easing them into the process of being in the room. I also welcome adults and couples. Therapy, at it’s core, acts as a mirror for the person coming in. This mirror gives the person the opportunity to sit with themselves, on a regular basis, and reconnect with what is going on. An opportunity we don’t get often enough in life.

In my work I understand that sometimes issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anger and loss can throw us off balance, and make us feel out of control. I will help you untangle the threads of your own stuck places and move down the path toward healing.